Memorize Juz Amma










  Every Muslim must memorize some Surah from the       

    Noble Quran, to recite during the obligatory five

    times Salat every day. Juz Amma (Juz 30) has some                                                                                                                        


      Often recited

      Surah from the

      Noble Quran

              Al Waqiah

             Ar Rahman

              Yaseen 1

              Yaseen 2

              Al mulk

    Surah which are short and easier to memorize.

    Please click on the  window ‘Quran' and then on

                  ‘ Memorize Juz Amma '
    Here you can choose any one of the eight (8)

    famous Reciters. The Arabic text in Uthmani Script

    and Indo Pakistani script is very clear, large and

    easier to read. It is highlighted and synchronized

    with good quality audio which helps to shorten

    the time it takes to memorize.

    May Allah help us all with our efforts. AMEEN.